Quiltcast #30 :: Quilting With a Modern Slant

How do you define yourself as a quilter? There are lots of different types of quilts to make, but do they define us as quilters? April and I share our thoughts on modern quilting, and would love to continue the conversation with you! Share your thoughts in the comments, or email us!

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Weeks’ review of Quilting with a Modern Slant is what started our conversation, one that we’ve had on a number of occasions.

Weeks Ringle, and Bill Kerr have written a number of books for the modern quilter – be sure to check them out!

We are looking forward to getting our own copies of Quilting with a Modern Slant and you can learn more about the book and Rachel May, the author – here.


We always welcome your feedback, and hope to see your paper pieced blocks!

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  1. NONNIE March 28, 2014 at 6:44 am - Reply

    I have ordered the book from Amazon .. I have been delving into Modern Quilting in a big way .. theoretically …. I love many of patterns but I have too big of a stash older fabric … not sure if they will translate to what is DEFINED by the MQG. I have yet to see any technique that have not been used in the past historically but many modern quilters present them as if they invented the technique. … I find it irritating when I read a blog or article that does NOT at minimum acknowledge of the historical roots of their work. Like you said… they claim they invented the wheel.

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