This pattern is one of those that I’ve always admired, but never thought I would make. All the tiny pieces, and TEMPLATES – usually I’m not a fan, but this set was so EASY to use! Read on for your chance to win a set of templates!

DWR Challenge -

I’m of the sort, that likes to try a pattern as intended to begin, then see about how I might alter, or extend the pattern.  So I made a simple runner (just the top, so far) over the course of a couple evenings.

Way too many pins! -

Without thinking, I started pinning the curved edges together. I snapped a pic and posted it to instagram and facebook, and had a few people comment about using glue to baste. Duh! I have few tubes of LapelStick to put to use!

No pins! LapelStick - AmysCreativeSide.comOnce I started gluing I had a hard time stopping for the night!  The curves aren’t all that different from a straight seam when basted into place. Everything fits perfectly, and I don’t have to stop for pins. I definitely suggest looking into a fabric glue product for curves – ask at your local quilt shop!

Here’s my top so far –Double Wedding Ring Table Runner -

My fabrics are Garden Party by Heather Dutton, for Modern Yardage. If you haven’t checked out Modern Yardage yet – the quality is great, really nice hand to the fabric, and the print is flawless!

My brain has been a little busy trying to think up new ways to put the templates to work, and I can’t wait to your Double Wedding Ring Quilt!

DWR Challenge ::

All the details are available here and here!  Most importantly, the deadline is December 1st, 2013 – you have time to think and be creative, but don’t forget about it!

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**To win a set of templates, leave me a comment about Double Wedding Ring Quilts.  Have you made one? Excited for the challenge? I’ll select a winner on July 15th, 2013.

Good Luck!