Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend!  After a week back to school, after a week off for Spring Break, we really needed the weekend to rest and relax a little.  I’ve been having fun getting acquainted with my Crown Jewel, and look forward to adding quilts to the mix this week!  So far it’s just been some yardage on the bars, while getting the feel of things. :)

For actual sewing, I caught up on bee blocks – which I had been wanting to do, and kept putting off.  Since I put Trish’s blocks off for so long, I added the solid white and made two of her requested blocks.

Blocks for Trish - AmysCreativeSide.comThe pattern is called Greek Cross, closely related to a Churn Dash if you alter the color placements a little. I love the fabrics you sent Trish, and I’m so sorry for my delay – they will be in the mail this week!

Blocks for Trish - AmysCreativeSide.com

Shari requested two blocks.  The “O” block on the right was very simple and straight forward, and the house block was great fun to work on! Shari sent a great group of scraps to include as we liked.  So I played with the fabrics until they felt just right.  I might have to develop the house block into a pattern – it’s so fun!

Soccer Season in the Mountains - AmysCreativeSide.com

Our soccer season is just starting, and there might be snow for Tuesday’s games, but two of our girls are super excited to run and kick for a couple of hours each week!  The high school coach and his team host a clinic for everyone in the league in the first two weeks, they split the kids up by age, and do their best to teach them some basics.  The picture above represents about a quarter of the kids at the clinic, but I can never get over the beauty of the mountains that is our backdrop for life here.  Love it!

Blessings to you this week ~