Hi there! I was amazed to fly into Seattle last week, to clear skies!   My parents and sister met me at the airport and we made the most of the day in Seattle. We visited Quiltworks, then headed toward the water. (The question is later in the post – read on)


The Seattle/Bainbridge Ferry, and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. I always forget how much I love the water until I see it again.


Stumbled upon this shop, selling marimekko fabrics, dresses, and accessories.  Everything in the shop was beautiful, and beautifully made, but left me wishing for a fuller wallet!


On our way to dinner, my sister snapped this pic of the Space Needle, and was kind enough to share with me. Always iconic Seattle, and a fun elevator ride when you have the chance!

The event the next day was fun, but didn’t result in any pictures!  I signed books and shared them with shop owners, and a few clothing designers at the show.  Then spent the afternoon with my Martingale family – that’s really what they have become to me over the last few years.  I love working with everyone there, and it was great to put a face to a couple of email addresses I hadn’t met yet!


Returning home, I’ve been working on this pile, (and a few others!) this quilt will be in a magazine over the summer, so I am rushing to meet the deadline.  I promise, I will share it with you in a few months.


 Question for you –

What makes a quilt timeless?

I’ve been thinking this over the last week, and would love to know your thoughts too!

I’ll share some of your thoughts in a post with everyone later this week.

More soon – Amy