Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

Yesterday was a happy mail day!

Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe -

Over the course of the weekend I had forgotten that I was hoping for these – Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe is now shipping from Martingale, and will be soon from Amazon!

The best about this book, is sharing the title with a bunch of amazing quilters many of which are also friends! In the coming months you will learn more about each of the projects and inspiration behind the quilts included, but for now here’s a quick list of designers:

John AdamsJeni BakerAudrie BidwellNatalia Bonner, Krista Fleckenstein, Allison Harris, Lee HeinrichKate Henderson, Megan Jimenez, Heather Jones, Katy Jones, Jolene Klassen, Jessica Kovach, Jennifer Mathis, Angela Nash, Monica Solorio-Snow, Kati Spencer & myself.

Since I have a big stack of books – I thought I would give one away to one of you! Think of it as an early Christmas present from me to you!

Tell me what you really want for Christmas, in the comments to be entered to win.

I’ll select a winner on Friday, December 14th, 2012.

Good Luck!


Don’t forget about the other book I’m giving away right now – 15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe!

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  1. Adrianne December 11, 2012 at 1:20 am

    Ooh, I would love to get my hands on this book! What I would really like for Christmas – a half yard bundle of Architextures! Seems to be selling out super fast though.

  2. Rebekah Dundon December 11, 2012 at 1:43 am

    Oh, love the look of this book! What I really want for Christmas is.. For the remainder of the school holidays to be peaceful and quiet without my three boys bickering, so that I can spend some wonderful time with them without having to get cross!….and some quilting time!

  3. Kate R December 11, 2012 at 1:50 am

    Although yes, of course I’d love fabric and quiting goodies, at the risk of sounding cheesy, what I really want for Christmas is my little boy to continue growing happily and healthily and feel loved and secure :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful book with us all!

  4. Leona December 11, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Thanks for a chance to win your book.

    For Christmas I just want some peaceful time to be creative, free from distractions


  5. Catherine December 11, 2012 at 2:09 am

    Lovely book! What I really want for Christmas is for everyone I know and love to be happy and healthy. (I totally agree with Rebekah about the no bickering, though, and of course some fabric money would be lovely!:-)

  6. mary December 11, 2012 at 2:16 am

    Looking forward to this book which is possibly more attainable than what I really want – our building works to go smoothly without a hitch!

  7. Anna December 11, 2012 at 2:19 am

    I have had the hardest time this year coming up with things I wanted for my Birthday and for Christmas, I guess I’m lucky that there’s nothing I’m really longing for or needing! If I had the room to store it and if anyone would spend that much on me I’d love a huge roll of batting, one day I will have enough space and cash to get one! Thanks for the give away!

  8. Gemma December 11, 2012 at 2:21 am

    What I really want for Christmas is downtime with my family. For my husband to relax and spend time with us and for the kids to get to enjoy two parents for days and days on end, not just the one who stays at home normally.

  9. Kristy December 11, 2012 at 2:35 am

    I’d love some unlimited time to sew, relax and have some carefree fun with N and my family.

  10. Michele December 11, 2012 at 4:04 am

    For one, I want that book. But I also asked Santa for EQ7. I have a bunch of quilt patterns in my head and want to get the actual quilts designed and made this coming year. I might even decide to sell them at some point.

  11. Jess December 11, 2012 at 4:11 am

    I would love EQ7, but more than that I hope to have a super fun day with my three little ones. Christmas is really about the kids for me!

  12. Julia December 11, 2012 at 4:16 am

    Oooooo!!! What I would most like is some time to be creative & make something amazing……..maybe a project from this book. I have my fingers crossed :)

  13. Judy W December 11, 2012 at 4:17 am

    I would love a bigger cutting mat and fabric. I’ve told everyone gift cards would be perfect for me! Thanks for the chance.

  14. Rachel Booth December 11, 2012 at 4:38 am

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I’m hoping for some fq bundles and a new planner! :)

  15. Stina December 11, 2012 at 4:38 am

    Have waited for this book to arrive…and now it’s here!!! :0))
    Hope Santa will be nice this year!!

    What do I want for Christmas… Peace and LOve!!

  16. Anita December 11, 2012 at 4:45 am

    I would really like to spend good quality time with my sons who have been away at college the entire fall.
    In addition to that, new fabric and quilt books are always welcome.

  17. Adele Dizney December 11, 2012 at 4:46 am

    What do I want? Peace, Health, and maybe a little Wealth to buy more fabric!

  18. Shannon December 11, 2012 at 4:58 am

    Congrats on the book!! I’ve been drooling over Audrie’s quilts and proofs forever! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

    So the thing I REALLY want for Christmas is a new camera (the fancy pants kind)…or an iPad…or all of the fabric my husband thinks I don’t need (WHAT?!?)…

  19. Alison December 11, 2012 at 4:58 am

    I really want a Lilly Pulitzer scarf in my sorority’s print!

  20. Ethne December 11, 2012 at 5:27 am

    At this moment in time I’d love to have the wood burning stove fixed so that we can get it going and keep warm – no heating and it was -7.5 degs this morning – if I can get this sorted (so we’ve no smoke back tracking into the house) I won’t feel guilty about putting a heater on in my work room to do some sewing ;o)

  21. Kristy Lou December 11, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Soft fluffy pajamas! Congrats on the book. It looks fun!

  22. Lucky December 11, 2012 at 5:42 am

    I had this book on my Birthday wish list but no such luck. Now it is on my Christmas wish list and really truly hope that I get it! Great to be able to check out so many great bloggers in one place! Congrats on your second book as well as this one!

  23. Annette Z December 11, 2012 at 5:51 am

    I would love a new Viking sewing machine….but I’ll settle to have my college aged kids home together AND get along with each other. I think the sewing machine will be easier. :)

  24. Cindy December 11, 2012 at 5:53 am

    I’ve wanted a new cabinet to store quilts. And I’m getting it Sat. So excited! The book looks fantastic!

  25. M-R @ Quilt Matters December 11, 2012 at 6:02 am

    Oooh, yes, please! I would love a proper sewing table! Thanks for the giveaway, Amy!

  26. Amanda K December 11, 2012 at 6:04 am

    Awesome book! I’d love to get more fabric for Christmas :)

  27. Jamie Lee December 11, 2012 at 6:06 am

    What a great looking book! I just want my kids to be thrilled Christmas morning. They are 6, 4, and 2 so this will be a magical year!

  28. Michelle December 11, 2012 at 6:08 am

    What I really want for Christmas is peace and love. And some new lungs for a lovely friend who needs a transplant. And a little sleep for me wouldn’t go astray either, as well as well as some time to quilt.

    Gosh I don’t want for much, do I!?!

  29. Jill December 11, 2012 at 6:23 am

    I was going to say an i-pad mini, because I do really want one. But it’s been a really hard year for my family, especially my grandfather, losing his wife of 67 years, and what I want most of all is some way for him to have a happy Christmas. I’m really not sure that we can make that happen, but we’re going to try.

  30. Kelsey December 11, 2012 at 6:28 am

    I really want some fabric and to spend some quality time with my hubs who has been so busy with grad school lately!

  31. Allison C December 11, 2012 at 6:32 am

    I REALLY want a new sewing machine. Mine eats fabric and I can’t quilt with it since the tension of the feed dogs is way off. I can’t FMQ or even do straight lines. It is super frustrating. I already tried to have it fixed once and that made it worse. I’m taking it to another shop and if it is still broken when I get it back I’m going to take the plunge and buy a new one.

  32. Rachel December 11, 2012 at 6:37 am

    I really want more fabric for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. Lynette December 11, 2012 at 6:45 am

    What I really wish for is a big ol’ cutting mat – one of those 36 x 70 range mats.

  34. Kristy December 11, 2012 at 6:53 am

    What I’d really like for Christmas is a couple of days off on top of the usual Christmas ones…working 60 hours a week is rough.

    Congrats to you and all the others on what is shaping up to be another great book.

  35. Faye December 11, 2012 at 6:57 am

    What I *really* want for Christmas (but cannot have right now) is to only work part time. I will settle for some good books, a nice pair of earrings, and maybe a little fabric, though!

  36. Jenny C December 11, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Congratulations Amy, also to your fellow authors.
    I would love snow for Christmas. This may be my last “white” Christmas for a while… I’m hopeful that Santa might deliver some large flakes.

  37. Tabatha December 11, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Looks like a great book, if I don’t win it, I’ll have to buy it! ;D
    I got a machine quilt frame and Juki TL for my Birthday in November, that’s enough! :D

  38. sharon December 11, 2012 at 7:10 am

    I would love a long arm quilting machine
    but, I would then have to find a place to put it and take lessons and time to use it

    so, I think I just want new athletic shoes and some more socks

  39. Sonia B December 11, 2012 at 7:15 am

    I’d love to have a vacation for Christmas. Thanks for the chance.

  40. Stephanie Zito December 11, 2012 at 7:17 am

    I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this book! I would really love an I Pad this year for Christmas! It would be great to be able to curl up on the couch or in bed and watch all my quilting classes and videos, browse around and shop for fabric, read….oh the list goes on and on! Thanks so much for a chance to win a copy of this wonderful book! Merry Christmas!

  41. Lori Smanski December 11, 2012 at 7:19 am

    how wonderful, I am really hoping to get one of those little irons that I can keep by my sewing machine.

  42. Jane Brown December 11, 2012 at 7:23 am

    I’d like to have a day of quilting without interruptions. That’s what I want for Christmas.

  43. Shirley December 11, 2012 at 7:26 am

    I’ve got a Kindle Paperwhite on my wish list, but what I’d really like is gene therapy for my son who is missing part of his 16th chromosome. Quilting is one of my relaxation activities and this book looks terrific!

  44. Patricia L. December 11, 2012 at 7:27 am

    I’m looking forward to some nice time with my kids who are all living elsewhere now!

  45. Linda B in MI December 11, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Looking forward to getting the new book…yes I will buy it if I don’t win….
    What I would like for Christmas is for my DH to be able to retire, with us out of debt, and our duaghter able to keep the house. Please…

  46. Nurseli December 11, 2012 at 7:41 am

    I definitely want this book too!!! And just to spend time with my son.

  47. lel6419 December 11, 2012 at 7:41 am

    What a terrific mail day!! Congratulations. I am holding out hopes for a sweet sixteen longarm. eek

  48. NancyL December 11, 2012 at 7:44 am

    What I’d really like for Christmas is for all my kids and grandkids to be home in MN with us. Three of the families live here, but the other daughter and family, with 4 precious grandkids, live in San Diego, so they can’t make it home.
    Something easier? Your book would be great!

  49. Flaun December 11, 2012 at 7:51 am

    I really, REALLY want an Accuquilt Go! fabric cutter for Christmas. It will help be cut my crazy scraps in a much shorter amount of time for some lovely scrappy quilty love.

  50. Alisa December 11, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Well, this year we drew names and I made it known that I would love a really nice, fancy candle. I love candles and just can’t justify buying the expensive ones. Thanks for the give away chance. The book looks amazing.

  51. Jo Ann December 11, 2012 at 7:56 am

    For Christmas I would love a joyous time with family!

  52. Tiffany December 11, 2012 at 7:56 am

    Gah! I bet this book is amazing! I really want it! The other thing I am really hoping for is to get Lasik. I have a consultation in a few weeks. It will be a HUGE Christmas present.

  53. shannon c. December 11, 2012 at 8:10 am

    This should be an amazing book! The book that’s currently on my Christmas list is Geta’s Shadow Trapunto book.

  54. Carla December 11, 2012 at 8:18 am

    A special wish is for all my family to be together because we never know what a year might hold. Thanks for the give away.

  55. Rhianon Taylor December 11, 2012 at 8:19 am

    I really, really want a Sweet Sixteen. Your book would be nice too! Thank for the chance to win. Have a great Christmas :)

  56. Barbie December 11, 2012 at 8:26 am

    The quilty thing I really want two Kona Classic jelly rolls for Christmas. I’ve got a fun idea up my sleeve I can’t wait to try out. =)

  57. Cecilia December 11, 2012 at 8:32 am

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book. I’m not sure what I want for Christmas, except for all of my kids and grandchildren to come home for the holidays.

  58. Bridget December 11, 2012 at 8:43 am

    I really would like an Accuquilt cutter. I want to play with that!

  59. LC December 11, 2012 at 8:45 am

    I really want the FQ bundle of the entire collection of Cuzco. I’d die of happiness.

  60. chelsea December 11, 2012 at 8:55 am

    That looks like such a great book! Thanks for giving one away.

    Ugh, everyone else wants non-tangibles, time with family, peace on earth, etc. I want an iphone with a massive data package that’s been prepaid for a year!

  61. Anne-Marie B. December 11, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Yess! I would love to win this book! I would love to spend Christmas day skiing!

  62. de baker December 11, 2012 at 9:03 am

    Would love to get a new exciting quilt book from santa, tthanks

  63. Phyllis O'Connor December 11, 2012 at 9:11 am

    Congrats on the book–looks great. What I want for Christmas–continued good health & happiness for all.

  64. Sabine December 11, 2012 at 9:15 am

    I would love this book! My wish for Christmas? Besides your book ;-) I would love some quiet time, a sewing get-together with some of my quilting friends, with lots of laughter, food and fabric!

  65. Lindsay December 11, 2012 at 9:24 am

    My wish list is small! I’d love to sell our house…lol.

  66. Miss Nancy December 11, 2012 at 9:26 am

    What I would like is just some quiet computer and sewing time. I am very much in need of this. I would also like some peace for all mankind. Thank you for this great giveaway for this great book. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  67. linda December 11, 2012 at 9:31 am

    what i would like is for all the house moving to be done and sorting out at the other end at the snap of a finger …………then we can have a good christmas :)))

  68. Emily T December 11, 2012 at 9:34 am

    I can not wait to go home for christmas. Grandparents watch the kiddos and my husband and I will get to go out on a very, very,very long over due date!

  69. Rene' December 11, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Congrats Amy! I’ve preordered the book but would love to win a copy for my sister. Besides some architextures fabric what I really want for Christmas is to enjoy a safe joyous holiday with hubby, all three kids and brand new grandbaby! Thanks for the giveaway.

  70. Shelley December 11, 2012 at 9:40 am

    Thanks for a chance to win a book!
    Really dont have any needs or wants for Christmas other than good times with the kids and good health.

  71. Lyn December 11, 2012 at 9:53 am

    I’d love to have enough Indigo Crossing to make a queen size quilt. And I’d love for my cat to sleep and play on it without shedding. …..Hey, you didn’t say it had to be realistic! :-)

  72. Becky December 11, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Thanks for the give away! What I really want is a vacation… one that involves no cooking, cleaning or laundry…

  73. Wendy December 11, 2012 at 9:59 am

    Oooooh, I’ve been waiting for this book to come out! What do I want for Christmas? Well, to be honest, there is not anything “material” that I really want…my mom is coming to our home for Christmas this year because it will be the first Christmas without my dad (who passed away in September)…and what I really want is for us to have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas that holds some joy despite his absence. I know that sounds a bit “corny” but it is really all I want.

  74. French75 December 11, 2012 at 10:15 am

    I really really want an Innova long arm machine so I can finish ally quilt tops. I am definitely buying your book if I don’t win. It looks like a keeper

  75. Jevne December 11, 2012 at 10:27 am

    What I really want for Christmas is to spend time with my family.

  76. Rebecca December 11, 2012 at 10:29 am

    I’d love to win this book – it looks fabulous!

    I’d love for there to be peace in Jerusalem this Christmas!

  77. Patty December 11, 2012 at 10:32 am

    What I really want for Christmas is to spend quality time with my family. We don’t always see eye to eye and this year (after the election) I am hoping no one brings up politics. I would love to see an old fashion Christmas where everyone has time to sit and visit and no one is in a hurry to get things finished. Just sit and visit. Tomorrow is soon enough to get back to the rat race.

  78. Alexandra Abarca December 11, 2012 at 10:32 am


    I really want for Christmas is be calm with my family, good food, good music, and love and peace.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Costa Rica

  79. Elisabeth December 11, 2012 at 10:33 am

    This year, I feel like there’s not anything I really want (that I don’t know I already got). I did have a few quilty books high up on my list (Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters & Quilting Modern) that I know my mom got me. :)

    Honestly, I’m just more excited to watch people open to gifts I’ve made them this year!

    elisabeth [dot] woo

  80. Judith December 11, 2012 at 10:33 am

    What I’d really like is some help revamping my sewing space. I’m a whiz with a sewing machine–not so much with a saw and hammer. Congratulations on the new book, and thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  81. Holly December 11, 2012 at 10:51 am

    I’d really love a gift certificate to a fabric store-so many items on my wishlist!

  82. Miep December 11, 2012 at 11:01 am

    Would really be great to receive that book for Christmas, many thanks.

  83. liz hietkamp December 11, 2012 at 11:03 am

    what i really want for christmas…one of your books would be nice! a long arm, an embrodiery sewing machine…material…the question was what do I really want – not what is realistic!

  84. Lynda H December 11, 2012 at 11:10 am

    What I really want for Christmas is WORLD PEACE. That may sound corny but you see I am one of those lucky ones who really has just about everything one would “want” in this world. Even though recently widowed, I have abundant family who loves and cares for me and enough income to live without worry so what do I have to ask for? It burdens me to see what these constant wars are doing to our youth and the youth of other countries so I will give you the old beauty pagent response, Give me world Peace!

  85. Anda December 11, 2012 at 11:11 am

    I would be much relieved to hear that my eldest who has just left the nest, settles into his new place of residence…I miss him so much but life cannot stand still. It would be a Christmas blessing that we all have a smooth transition…awolk at rogers dot com

  86. Diane December 11, 2012 at 11:15 am

    I am stumped…guess I am a happy quilter!! But this book would be nice:)

  87. Stephanie December 11, 2012 at 11:19 am

    What I really want for Christmas is for the closing on both our houses to go through without a hitch (we’re moving states) and to be settled again with all my family under one roof!

  88. craftykaren December 11, 2012 at 11:24 am

    What I would like for the holiday season is peace and quiet. Time to finish up projects, read a dozen books on the list, see friends, do some healthy cooking.

  89. Kate Brown December 11, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    I would love to win this book, it looks fantastic!! What I really want for Christmas is my daughter and grandsons to make it home for Christmas but it doesnt look like it is going to happen. Keeping my fingers crossed just in case though. Merry Christmas to you Amy!

  90. mrsmoore December 11, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    What I really want for Christmas? Peace and goodwill. Really. Or piece(s) of some recycled cotton shirts from Goodwill.

  91. Amanda Kattner December 11, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    I could really use a cordless iron. Nice giveaway.

  92. Denise December 11, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Great giveaway. I’d like to be unpacked after our move and have some time to relax.

  93. Jennie T. December 11, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    That’s some happy mail! Let’s see . . . I’d really like a sewing day with my sister-in-law. Thanks for sharing!

  94. Trudi December 11, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    I’d really love,some new clover flower head pins for Christmas, luckily they arrived and have been secured by the OH! Would love to win an early copy, looks like a great book!

  95. Heidi @ Fabric Mutt December 11, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    For Christmas I’d love some new clothes! Thanks so much!!

  96. Amy December 11, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    I would really like a clean house and a smooth day. It’s my first time hosting Christmas for my whole family, and I’m a little nervous!

  97. MarciaW December 11, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    What I really want for Christmas is improved health for me … as want to resume my daily activities and quilty fun

  98. Nita December 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    A clean house and time to enjoy it!

  99. Laurina December 11, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Looks like a fab book. What I want for Christmas – fine sunny weather so I can swim in the sea every day over the holidays. (And a couple of rainy ones for sewing.)

  100. Books_Bound December 11, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    I would like the Harry Potter series. I know, I’m only like five years late on that. :)

  101. Cindy Sharp December 11, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    What I really want for Christmas is an evening of conversation and laughter with my family. All too often we are going in 5 different directions.

  102. Kathie December 11, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    I would like the miracle of all my children and their families home for Christmas!

  103. Amy B. December 11, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    I would love a cabinet for my sewing room to organize my fabric!

  104. Shari December 11, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    What I’d really like for Christmas in an entirely selfish way… more time to sew. And since no one can really give that to me except me… I want to be better organised and disciplined.

    Quilty stuff aside, I want my family to be healthy and happy and moving forward with purpose and love. We need strength and courage to navigate these changing times, and strong family bonds can be the anchor to help us.

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful season with special gatherings of family and friends.

  105. Susan McAdams December 11, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    What an interesting title. There are a lot of us bloggers out there that is for sure. A lot of talent. I enjoyed the Craftsy class.

  106. Sandra Davidson December 11, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    All I want for Christmas is for my daughter’s health to improve, she is diabetic with kidney failure and this weekend she had a stroke. She has a little boy who is six and blind and he really needs mama

  107. Jenelle December 11, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    I would really like snow for Christmas. :) Or a bundle of Amy Butler’s Love collection. Although the second one might be easier to procure on demand! lol Thanks for the chance and happy holidays!

  108. Valerie December 11, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    What I would REALLY like are a clean house and children who are nice to each other. But realistically, I’d like a new sewing machine. My old machine is a 1950’s Singer Featherlight, my newer, “modern” machine is a 1975 Sears Kenmore. I would really like to have a stitch length regulator, anutmatic needle down, and larger area (throat? halo?) to squeeze the quilt into when machine quilting the center. Thanks for a chance to win.

  109. Sara Stetson December 11, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    I would really like my family for Christmas, I’ll have to wait until April for my wedding I guess!

  110. melzie December 11, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    What I ‘really’ want but know that ‘Santa’ cannot afford is a KitchenAid mixer :)

  111. Alicia December 11, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    I would love a vitamix!

  112. Sharon T December 11, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    I would love to get this awesome looking book…and a gift certificate from my fav quilt shop!

  113. Karyn Ashley Smith December 11, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    What I really want for Christmas?

    1. A copy of your book (expected answer)
    2. peace & joy (Ms. America answer)
    3. peace & quiet and a few minutes to sew (frazzled mom answer)
    4. a new sewing machine and a long arm machine (dream big answer)
    5. Some new fabric/books/tools to play with (final answer)

  114. Candice Cannon December 11, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    What a fresh looking cover which I betting holds all kinds of treats within its pages. I guess I would like a fat quarter of each of the Robert Kaufmann Kona Blues..but no one knows so that is not going to happen anytime soon.Have enough projects to keep me busy through summer though.

  115. Jean December 11, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    I would love to get more quilty books for Christmas. Hope everyone has a great holiday season! Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. Shannon Wallace December 11, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Hi Amy! If I were being completely honest, I hope to get a few kits/bundles/yards of fabric. :) But if I don’t, it’s totally fine. The hubby and I don’t usually exchange gifts since Christmas isn’t about all of that anyway. We buy for our son and other family members. Okay, and if I were being super honest, I kinda hope I get a Pfaff Ambition Essential machine too–but again, totally fine if I do not. I’m so blessed and have more than I need! :)

    The book looks so awesome! I like books that have different designers within the same book. Thank you for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  117. Christy December 11, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    I’d like a portable Ottlite with a magnifier. Since this was the only “big” thing on my list, I’m pretty sure I’m getting it! Yippee!

  118. Camille December 11, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    I’d love some of that architextures line. And a go baby cutter. And world peace :D

  119. Heather December 11, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Honestly I don’t know…maybe someone to come in and help my organize my new sewing room.

  120. diane stanley December 11, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    what I really want for Christmas is to move my dining room to the living room and do a remodel…but reality might set in and I will not get it. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

  121. Elizabeth Johnson December 11, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Oh this book would be very nice! If it was anything a new sewing machine! But, I love books and my hubby usually picks me up one or two! Thank you for the chance!

  122. Debbie M December 11, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    Good for you, Amy! You do belong in the company of so many wonderful quilters. Since it’s still Chanukah, I can wish for an iPod. My android phone screen, which I don’t even have so long, is getting too tiny for me, LOL! Not likely to happen, so I’ll wish for a set of interchangeable circular knitting needles. More realistic. Thanks for the fun, Amy!

  123. Polly @ Helping Little Hands December 11, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    What I’d really like…a whole day to sew without interruptions…or a serger…or fun fabric. At least I know I’m getting the fun fabric because I ordered it for myself.

  124. Jeanne in Ohio December 11, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    I’d like to get an Ipad mini, or a Brother 460Se sewing/embroidery machine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Munaiba December 12, 2012 at 3:44 am

    We don’t celebrate Christmas but I’d be happy to receive a copy of this book it looks lovely.

  126. Tsigeyusv December 12, 2012 at 4:12 am

    I’d really like for my boyfriend to find a job. Not for me, as I’d gladly support him, but for him, because he feels worth less without one. He’s a very special man and deserves to feel that way about himself.

  127. Vicki@Hitch&Thread December 12, 2012 at 4:20 am

    I’d really love to experience a white Christmas, however, since it was 104 here today, it’s highly unlikely! I’d settle for my son being well enough to come off medication. That would be the best present ever. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  128. Sandy N December 12, 2012 at 6:07 am

    What I would LOVE for Christmas is more time to finish the Christmas presents I’m working on! LOL! Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  129. Kathleen December 12, 2012 at 9:20 am

    I know we all want happiness for our families this Christmas season, and that’s what I want for my daughter, most of all.
    On the fun side, I’d love some new fabric! And a copy of this book would be great. I’d like to give it to a very good quilting friend. Thanks very much for sharing your books.

  130. Cheryl B December 12, 2012 at 9:54 am

    I really want some fabric and lots of sewing time. Thanks!

  131. Jen December 12, 2012 at 10:42 am

    I would really like more TIME. Time to craft, time to sleep, time to do what I like. But in lieu of that, I suppose I will accept fabric or this quilting book as an alternative. LOL!

  132. CathyH December 12, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    For Christmas – I would like for my daughter to feel better. Five years of sickness is just a long time. (Fabric and quilting books help!) Thanks for the giveaway

  133. Sarah Norman December 12, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    I would like more time to sew and a bundle of Noteworthy!

  134. Kingman Quilter December 12, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    Like Cathy, I pray for my daughter’s health. She’s been sick for 9-1/2 years with Lyme’s Disease. At least she knows what she has now – for 8 years it was a mystery…..some days are just really bad for her…..she’s a young, Christian mom with a wonderful husband, 3 kids and she homeschools. I’m thankful she’s able to do all she does.

  135. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ December 12, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    What would I really like for Christmas? A copy of “Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe” would make me very happy. I would also like someone to come in and get me organized!

  136. Julie Shipp December 12, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    Thiw looks like a wonderful book. I have become very attracted to modern quilts after following the blogs of a number mentioned. What I most want this Christmas is for my kids & grandkids to have a good Christmas. This will be our first without my husband, Al, who passed unexpectedly on March.

  137. Jenni December 12, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    I’d really love some R&R for christmas! :D And maybe some Tula Pink Saltwater…

  138. Anne December 12, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    What I really want for Christmas . . . fabric of course!!! But more importantly just having my kids home from college and work so we can all be together. Thanks for giving away a copy of your book.

  139. Beth T. December 13, 2012 at 2:14 am

    In addition to this book–which is on my wish list–I’m thinking I’d like to have a small point and shoot camera, for spur of the moment photos.

  140. Jody December 13, 2012 at 4:03 am

    2012 has been a very sad and overwhelming year in my house….with the untimely and tragic loss of my Mom. All I’m wishing for this Christmas is some peace, some fun for my family and some “me” time – to quilt and knit…things that bring me joy:) Thanks for a great give-away (and sorry for too much information:)

  141. Liesel December 13, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Looks so…fresh! Might have to consult Santa!
    What I really want? To sit down and finish some projects!

  142. HeatherK December 13, 2012 at 8:47 am

    For Christmas, I *just* want the whole day to do what I want–usually cook a nice dinner and enjoy watching my kids with all their new things :)

  143. DeniseMarie December 13, 2012 at 10:09 am

    I really just want to be with my family, opening presents while sipping hot cocoa and watching it snow outside.

  144. bee December 13, 2012 at 10:20 am

    i’d love to have a new sewing machine for christmas. i’ve got my eye on a Janome!

  145. Brynn December 13, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    I want my fairy godmother to come visit me and make the student loans disappear. That, or bring me a Janome Horizon. But since i don’t think she’s coming this year (nuts!), I’ll settle for a pretty stack of fabric :)

  146. Flying Blind December 13, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    I want the weather to stay fine, the food to cook itself to perfection and the kids not to fight. But I would accept fabric in lieu!

  147. Hallie December 13, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    I would love to have a new table for my sewing machine. One that it fits down into….like those swanky one’s you see on TV and quilt shows :)

  148. jane December 13, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    I’d love to get some organizational skills. Then I wouldn’t spend valuable sewing time searching for things. The book looks great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  149. Suzanne December 13, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    I would love a few nights away with my husband. Just some time to spend together without the kids :)

  150. Kristin M December 13, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    My grown up Christmas wish is to have a blissfully peaceful time with my family.

  151. Melissa Ryther December 13, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    What I really want for Christmas is one whole, uninterrupted day in my sewing room!

  152. Winner! | Amy's Creative Side December 14, 2012 at 9:43 am

    […] no time on the computer – I hope you’ve had a good week.  I had fun reading all your comments about what you hope for – many of the same sentiments can be found here in my house too : […]

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