Every time I make it back to my computer, I am wowed by the additions to the linky!  You guys are amazing!

I love the variety of quilts, and each post I’ve read has been inspirational.  Thank you all for the effort and thought you have put into your entries!

How far have you made it through the list?

I’ve taken a random approach, personally, as I have a chance to sit for a minute or two.  I have hopes of sitting down and clicking through the majority of them soon!

Do you have a favorite yet?

I can’t say if I do, but Kendra made a smart suggestion for us.  We should add our entry numbers to our BQF Stats, in our post, to help keep track of favorites, and not loose them in the sea of entries.  The other thing you can do if you know the name listed, Control+F on the Blogger’s Quilt Festival post page and a search box will pop up, type in a name/blog name, (Amy) and all the quilts by “Amy” will be highlighted for you.  It narrows the search field a bit at least!

 It’s Monday – I’m running to keep up with my kids, and checking in with my email & all of you as much as I can!  Thankfully, there haven’t been to many hiccups so far.

Hope your Monday is great!