Hi there! I feel like I haven’t been here at all – how are you?  I’ve been trying to keep up with my kids and all the fun of summer, and squeeze in sewing time, when I can.

Yesterday, I pulled everything out and had a massive mess! The kind of mess that makes it hard to think straight, hard to get things done.  Worst part is this is our kitchen table, so it does have to be cleaned up for dinner.

I do have a couple of deadlines that I’m working on, so I can’t share what I’m working on quite yet. I will when I can, for sure!

I thought I would put up a linky, and see if I could challenge or dare you to share your mess.

Better yet, share a before and after, and win a prize!

I’ll come up with something good for a prize.

Thanks for sharing – hopefully my mess isn’t really that bad ;)

I dare you to share!