Hi all! Today’s featured quilter is Maria from Sew Love to Sew.  I hope you enjoy getting to know Maria better, I did!

1. When did you begin quilting?

I think it was in about 1995 when a quilt shop, Quilters Haven, opened locally. Quilting as a hobby was nowhere near as popular in the UK as it is now and there were very few quilt shops around. I did a beginner’s course at the shop and then joined an adult learning evening class in patchwork and quilting at a local school. I still meet with a group of friends from the course most weeks for an evening of sewing and of course chatting.

2. Why do you quilt?

I quilt due to a number of reasons. I love all the gorgeous fabrics that are available now, the colours and designs are so appealing. I love choosing which fabrics to put together and the excitement of starting a new project. I love how something beautiful yet useful can be produced from a pile of fabrics or scraps. One of my favourite parts of the process is seeing the texture that appears when the layers are quilted and I love how the previously flat patchwork top becomes something tactile and cosy.

3. What is your favourite quilting tip?

I don’t really have any technical tips. But perhaps one for new quilters is not to be upset when someone, usually a non-quilter, looks at the back of your beautifully pieced quilt and exclaims ” OOh I love the back!”

4. What was the inspiration for your Quilt Festival quilt?

My inspiration was a quilt I saw in a Kaffe Fassett book, I’ve forgotten the name of the book and it went back to the library a long time ago. I think the inspiration for the quilt in the book was a quilt in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. I didn’t follow the instructions, I did my own version. I enjoyed making the medallion style quilt and have started another one for my Mum and Dad. It’s going to be a more simple design though, I’m making it up as I go along.

5. Do you sew other things?

I used to make and sell bags, aprons, cushion covers, bunting etc. which I sold at craft fairs but I’ve given that up. Now it’s mainly quilts and cushions (pillows).

6. Anything else you would like us to know about you?

I met my husband through the patchwork course! No he wasn’t a pupil (although I know some quilters are men) but a friend from the course set us up on a date! I don’t think many people can say that they met their husband through patchwork.


Wow Maria!  I love your medallion quilt, I need to add one to my list!  Thanks for sharing your quilts, and yourself with us.

Have a great weekend everyone –