My days this week have been scattered!  With soccer filling up a few nights, and beautiful weather pulling us outdoors – I’ve had a hard time getting to the computer to tell you about it all!

Yesterday I gave Owen his summer haircut – he wasn’t excited about it, but it HAD to be done!  And looks so handsome on him.


I spent a bit of time sewing up some triangles, trimmed from a different project too.  In the end I wasn’t as excited about it as a table runner as I wanted to be,  and moved on before I finished it.  I think I need to play with the setting before I sew the blocks together.  It will be cute!


I’ve also made about 350 flying geese this week!  I haven’t moved past this point yet, but I’ll share more soon – I’m excited about this pattern.


While pressing my linen fabrics, getting ready to cut, I decided that the natural color wasn’t exactly what I had hoped it would be.  So I channeled Candy, and decided to dye it.  I overlooked one very important piece of equipment, and managed to dye my hands as well! Good excuse for a manicure though!


I do like the outcome…on the fabric.

It’s a deep grey, which I think will look great with all the other cool colors I have for this quilt.


I think that catches me up!  I’m spending my day today, cutting fabric, piecing, and hopefully finalizing a pattern or two!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Amy