I really did have the best of intentions, to blog and get some sewing done yesterday! The day just got away from me!

I have had a spurt of great quilt design ideas and spent the day in EQ7 drawing blocks and auditioning fabrics. I’m not sure when I’ll get to make them with fabric, but I’ll share with you when I do! I have a deadline for the blog this week, so I did eventually set up my machine and made some progress on the project.


I’m enjoying the appliqué and learning lots as I go.  My machine allows me to memorize any changes I make to the stitches, which I love. I can adjust the tension, length, or width of the blanket stitch, and I don’t have to adjust each time I turn on the machine.  Awesome!  In the past I’ve taken a picture of the settings to remind me where I like it – but then I never can find the pic when I need it, and end up re-trying the stitch until it looks right to me.  All that to say, I’m loving my Melody!

Have you done much applique lately?

Planning to finish this up today, wish me luck!