Hi friends!  I hope you had a good weekend!  As usual our family kept us busy, and I managed to sew a bit too – all in all a great weekend!  Part of the day yesterday was designated to putting up the Christmas tree, and adding holiday touches around the house.  The kids pretty much bounced off the walls in excitement – all day.

While decorating, inspiration struck, and I thought I would share a fast and fun project with you.  A garland made of little bits of fabric, and thread.

I made mine with Kona snow, but this would be such a fun project to raid the scrap bin for!  Imagine all the pretty little bits that you can’t part with.  I might still have to make a colorful version as well!

To begin, I cut 4 strips, at 1/2″, removed the selvages and cut 1/2″ squares.

Fabric confetti!  It doesn’t matter which side is up so don’t worry about keeping things orderly.

I loaded a bobbin with green, and found a nice bright red for the top.  I set my stitch length to the longest available, and then adjusted the tension before starting.

Then it’s just a matter of feeding them through the machine, and a helper is always welcome at my table!

I did pull the thread from the back after a few had gone under the needle.  My machine wanted to eat a few of the pieces, but keeping the threads taut, kept things moving.

After I finished with all the squares, I de-tangled, and wrapped the garland around a ruler.  Then took it to the window – I would also love to see these wrapped around the tree, or used as ribbon on packages.  Really there’s so many options, and the entire operation took about 30 minutes!  A great, fast handmade addition to our stockings and tree skirt.

Have you made any holiday decor recently?  I’d love to see!  Also, let me know if you make a garland!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a super fun post – be sure to come back!