When holiday shopping do you —

frequent the Black Friday sales? 

shop the week before Christmas?

make all your gifts handmade?


slowly gather gifts over the course of months?


I am kinda a collection of all these!  I always have the best intentions of starting early, making some and buying others as they are on sale.  But I usually end up the week before, with half my list yet to be completed or purchased.  If your inbox is anything like mine, then you’ve had an onslaught of emails this week with all the great deals starting on Friday.  I just want to highlight this one for you –

This amazing sale over at Martingale for the whole weekend!  Even Modern Basics will be 50% off!  Get the books you’ve been eyeing, and stock up on a few great gifts too! Everything on the site will be 50% off, including the great calendar I posted about last week.

Happy Shopping ~ Amy