I have the honor of sharing a new DVD with you today!

My friend Candy, recently filmed all her dyeing secrets with Quilting Arts, and has a 70 minute DVD to start you on your dyeing journey, or answer all your unanswered questions!

Candy is a Biology Professor at the University of Redlands, by day, which makes her very concise, and a great presenter of information!  The DVD is broken into chapters, making it easy to get to the information that you need.

I loved seeing Candy in action, she shares her methods for mixing dyes and how to scrunch/pleat your fabric for varied effects.  She uses a low water immersion process to dye, so you don’t need a 10 gallon pot to alter a yard of fabric (bonus!).  After many experiments, she found that she does not need to heat the dye for a permanent bond to be made with the fabric.  The scientist in her, has a binder full of results from all the experiments as well – super thorough!

The workshop focus’ on Candy’s jewel tone palette, complete with dye recipes.  And she encourages you to develop your own palettes to set limits for yourself, which in turns gives you more freedom to create with your fabrics.

The segment on color theory, was amazing!  Candy has carefully, and beautifully dyed dozens of variations of the same  three colors, to be able to find new tones, and shades with varied depth and texture.  And of course it’s all recorded so she can easily replicate any color she desires!

Finally, Candy shares her unique style of creating art.  Her sketchy stitching gives definition to the piece without taking away from the beauty of the hand dyed fabrics.

I said at the top, that Candy filmed all her dyeing secrets, but now I’m thinking this is just the tip of her knowledge!  The DVD is a wealth of information, perfect for anyone looking to hone their dyeing skills, and considering how to put their “glorious” hand dyed fabrics to good use.

**You can preview the video here.

Sidenote : Last year a few of us got together and made a quilt for a new baby, using Candy’s fabrics

Photo courtesy of AmyLouWhoSews

There’s more about the project, in this post, but working with Candy’s fabrics, was so fun!  They were really soft and the palette was just right for little Maggie.  Don’t you think?

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Tell me why you would like to learn to dye, or why you dye already.

I’ll select a winner on Friday, November 25, 2011.

Good luck ~ Amy

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