That’s right – my baby is 4 today!  Hard to believe, and he’s grown up on this blog, I thought I would share a few pictures  of his journey to boyhood.  It’s been a fun adventure!

He was such a happy baby, these pics represent his first year.  I’m shocked at how young the girls look too!

I loved this one of him learning to walk at 11 months – He was coming right at me!

His second birthday – apparently his sisters were being silly!

Walking with daddy, last year at 3, while camping. (a very favorite photo of mine!)  His hat was a new birthday present from his uncle.

Owen last week.  I’ve been asking him if he wants to get a hair cut – “No, I’ll keep it.” Is his pat response every time!  He’s even happy to have it washed in the bath – but boy does it get grungy!  Oh well!

I’m so blessed to be his mom, and always look forward to his hugs, and whatever may come out of his mouth next!


I hope you have a great day!  I have a “choo-choo” birthday cake to make, and presents to wrap.

xo – Amy