Thank you for your birthday wishes!  I’m so blessed to be surrounded by my family and doing what I love!  I have a collection of pictures to share with you, first up – Press!

I was interviewed, along with a number of others, last weekend at Market, by a local paper the Deseret News!  Those are my quilts there in color in the second section of the paper – humbling!  If you would like to read the article it is available here.  Over the course of the weekend I also found that Quilter’s Home reviewed Modern Basics (positively!) and it was included in the June/July issue!

Now for the picture onslaught – ready?

I realize that I mention Natalia here a lot, but there hasn’t been a picture of us together – until now!  This was just after my Schoolhouse and I was so relieved to have it over – big smile!  Natalia is my favorite quilter, and local friend; it’s great to have someone nearby to share this full, creative life with!

This is me with Jenny!  Jenny and I met probably around 3 years ago, online, and met in person for the first time over the weekend.  Jenny is a fellow author with Martingale, in fact I was on her blog tour for ReSew earlier this winter.  It was so great to get to know Jenny in real life a little bit!

Here’s a fun group!  L-R John, Thomas, Traci, Katy, Me, Heather, Aneela, and Erin

We kept seeing each other in Aneela’s booth, and managed to get a picture!

Stephanie from Fat Quarter Shop and myself.  It was great to meet the person that I have regular contact with over there!

This picture was taken for a friend that wasn’t at Market that we all have in common.  Amylouwho!

l-r – Vanessa, Erika, Amy and me.

We took these at the Quilt Market Meetup – which was fantastic!  Amy, Calli and Nannette did a great job pulling together a fun event for everyone!

Finally, my loot!  Some is swag, and giveaways, and I bought a couple of special things at Sample Spree.

I’m excited to work with these new fabrics – just need to dream up something new and fun!  I’m also glad to have an updated Kona color card, I didn’t realize mine was out of date, thou I’ve yet to find a difference – ha!  Maybe I’ll post a pic and you can spot it for me.

Looking at my pictures, I realize that there are a lot that I didn’t take, and many people that I didn’t have the chance to meet…All the more reason to look forward to The Sewing Summit!

All in all the weekend was amazing!  I had so much fun talking with anyone and everyone I met, I carried my book with me constantly and encouraged non-quilters to start, and shop owners to reach out to the younger generation in their community.  Erin and I connected with a number of companies about The Sewing Summit too!  Keep your eye on that page for more fun stuff as things finalize soon – yay!  It really was a fantastic weekend!

Blessings ~ Amy