Want to win a new book!?  Check out Pat Sloan’s newest book – right here!  Pat has released 3 books in the last 6 months…not sure how she has managed to survive those months of planning, sewing and writing, but I’m so glad to have a chance to look through this book and share it with you!  Pat you are an inspiration, thanks for sharing with all of us!

What a Novel Idea! is all about using your favorite novelty prints, in fun, quick quilts!  This book is full of inspiration, for your next quilt!

Do you have a collection of novelty prints?  Mine is pretty limited, as is the space I have to store fabric!  The few I have are bright and bold, and were must have, impulse buys.  Sound familiar?  I have a good amount of the prints below, and I hope to get them into a quilt soon.  Aren’t they fun?

Novelty prints, by Pat’s definition, “are fabrics printed with easily recognizable motifs.”  Pat shares how novelty prints are placed, and the best way to put them to use in your quilts.  Great advice on collecting the prints as well – when in doubt, buy lots!!

I love Pat’s quilt “A Pair of Winners”  – quick and simple, a great way to show off your favorite group of large scale prints in one spot!

Pat used a Layer Cake to make it, and with the large, directional prints, she was able to turn them so that they make sense.  That’s one thing that bugs me, having to put directional prints in the wrong direction – and Pat shares how she makes them work!

Pat asked a few questions that she wants to know from each of us on the hop….

What is one item you’d want to add to your studio/workplace if money were no object and why?

I would add a studio!  I sew at the kitchen most days, or a TV tray in a pinch, so an actual studio space would be amazing!

Maybe this one:

Or more modern:

Tough choice!  All the sunlight in the mod studio would be fantastic.  Any thoughts?

What is your favorite food to eat and why?

Favorite food, would have to be chocolate, but a lighter, still delicious dessert is Strawberry/Angel Food Cake Trifle.  Yummy!



You may purchase an autographed copy of What a Novel Idea! directly from Pat, or on sale at Leisure Arts!

**To enter to win one of two books – Leave me a comment, telling me about your collection of novelty prints!  Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 27th.  Good luck!

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