In making preparations for our trip to Washington, I knew that a trip to Martingale was in order!  Having worked with these ladies to publish and now begin marketing my book, there’s been lots of emails, but no face to face meeting.  So we fixed it!  Grandpa volunteered to stay home and play with the kids while Joe, my mom, sister and I had a field trip.

Can you see the rain?  Ya, it was a very wet day!

Karen gave us the tour and introduced us to people around the office.

There are quilts hanging on all the walls!  This one is from Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving: Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends just out last month.

We also were able to meet the in-house photographer and see where he brings projects to life, and always gets a great shot!

There was another wall, that he paints often to get the right color for backdrops.  Often, like every other week, day…whatever it takes!

We ended our tour in the book room, where returned books are available at a “steep” discount.  My mom and I each selected 5 titles!

For now I am anxiously awaiting the advance copy of my own book.  Honestly, I’m trying really hard to not be impatient!  Just over a month and it will be shipping everywhere – I’m a little excited!

What are you excited about!?