Happy Monday friends!  My girls have just two days of school this week, then we are taking a trip to see family for the holidays!  The kids are so excited, and I think my parents are even more excited!

I spent the weekend finishing up my sewing projects for gift giving, and doing laundry.  Good thing I can quilt while the machines do all the work!  Now to get everyone and everything packed up and ready to fly. . . last time we all flew together, we were a family of 4.  Ya, it’s been a while!

And so, I plan to post here and there, and may have a giveaway planned even, but the next two weeks will be a little slower than normal.  Check in with me on Facebook for day to day updates and pictures.

A picture to complete the post!  I’ve become enamored with flying geese.  These are pieces to some Christmas projects, a post that I have planned to share after Christmas!  Hopefully the sun comes out later for picture time.

Hope you are nearly done with your projects!  Are you traveling too?