I looked back at last week’s comments and didn’t find any questions!  Everyone is a pro now – great!

I thought I should share the how to, for any lurkers with questions.

To Participate : :

  1. Write a post the week of the festival (old posts will be deleted).  Please respect my efforts and the efforts of the event sponsors, and do not offer giveaways in your Quilt Festival post.
  2. In your post link back to the festival (posts without a link will also be deleted).
  3. Share a link to your post, in the linky on the festival post.  Be sure to use a permalink.
  4. Leave me a comment on the festival post to be entered into giveaways.
  5. Visit all the other quilters sharing their quilts and be inspired!

You can visit past Festivals if anything is unclear.  Seeing the other posts helps clarify some questions.  Spring 2010, Fall 2009, Spring 2009.

Button code is a common question.  How to install:  In the sidebar is a smaller graphic that matches the one in this post…underneath a little box full of gobbly gook, aka html code.   Double click in the box to highlight all the code, then press (control+c) at the same time to copy the code.  Then on your blog dashboard, add an html widget for the sidebar, or just paste (control+v) into a new post.  If you are using wordpress, go to appearance, widgets, and add text to your sidebar, then paste in the code.  Once saved, you should have the graphic in your sidebar!

Hopefully that clears things up for some of you!  If you have any other questions, let me know.  I’ll answer in the comments.

Have a great weekend~


PS – For those that need to hear it, this festival is for everyone!  If you are uncertain or doubting your work – STOP!  This is your chance to get more involved in this great community of quilters online.  I promise you won’t be sorry you did.  xoxo