Hi Friends!  I’m excited to share an interview with Crystal today – I hope you enjoy getting to know Crystal more!

1.  When did you begin quilting?

I began quilting 1 year ago last August.

2.  Why do you quilt?

I quilt to relax and calm down. I have two children with autism and when I get too stressed out I like to spend my evening putting together quilt tops.

3. What is your favorite quilting tip?

I think my favorite all time tip is iron all fabrics before cutting. EVERY time I iron my pieces my cuts are more precise while if I am lazy one day and don’t iron, I find that I struggle more with making the blocks because I didn’t take the time to iron.

4. What was your inspiration for your Quilt Festival quilt?

I made this quilt in the Old Red Barn Quilt Along group on Flickr. I was still rather new to quilting so I liked learning how to make some different blocks. I used mostly hand me down fabrics that were given to me. At first I didn’t think the colors would work but as the quilt was coming together it turned out really well. It gave me convidence that maybe I did have an inner talent for quilt making and colors.

5. Do  you sew other things?

I do sew other things, clothing, crafts, bags and different mending  items. I also crochet in my spare time. I like to keep my options open so that when I get in a rut or become bored with a particular project I can switch to something different.

6.  Anything else you would like us to know about you?

I have a very low self esteem when it comes to my work. As I am sure with others, I take pride for a moment at my accomplishment and then the moment passes and I begin to doubt. I always enjoy when someone raves about something I made because then I begin to like that quilt/ project more because I can see what they like.  This little flaw will always keep me humble in my work, the silver lining in it all.

Since I started quilting in August of 09 I have made 32 quilts. From the sizes of a King quilt to a wall quilts.  I made 11 quilts in 2009 and then 21 so far this year. I also currently  have 21 different quilts in progress.  I hope to have finish 10 more by the end of the year.


Wow Crystal 32 quilts!!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts.  I don’t think I could keep track of 21 quilts in progress, three is my max!  Check out Crystal’s blog to learn more about her and her family.