Hi there!  I wanted to follow up with all of you after my question last week.  Here’s  a quick list of the top three responses:

paper piecing – 5

free motion quilting – 25

appliqué -9

Free Motion Quilting~

If I’m completely honest, my fmq skills are rusty right now…Natalia did all my quilting for me when I was producing quilts for my book (coming in February!) and since then my quilts have begged for straight lines.  However!  This guest post was awesome!  Candy included some videos of her quilting, and maybe it can help you too!  If you check out her recent posts, she has had an exciting week!

What about turning your machine, I love quilting this way.  If you get everything ready, then turn your machine perpendicular to you, so that the needle is closest to you – it’s great.  You have more room to move the quilt with your hands on either side of the needle.  Check here, for a video!  One last thing, I like to try out my stipple plan on paper with a pencil.  It seems to help my brain convert it easier.

As for paper piecing and appliqué, we will just have to work on those things together!  Maybe our next quilt-along can be one of those two styles….?

A few of you mentioned having trouble with bowed strips – this all comes down to squaring your fabric, and squaring it often.  I have a tutorial here, I usually square my fabric each time I move it.  Once at the beginning just isn’t enough.  Let me know if you have more questions there, I know it can be really frustrating!

And Week 3 &4 of the recent quilt-along have great info about Half Square Triangles, they can be mastered!!

All the pictures for this post are in the links!  I hope you click around a bit!