Hi there!  How are you today?  Do you have many blog friends that you’ve met in real life?  Where I live, it’s pretty remote – I know lots of you can relate!  And my idea of remote might be luxury for some of you – lol!  Considering that we moved from sunny southern California – this is remote, yet close enough to whatever is needed.

Anyway –

Amy lives at most, an hour away from me, yet until yesterday we had not met.  Only visited each other’s blogs and carry on email conversations, as possible (we both have 4 kids!).  A couple weeks ago with school getting closer on the horizon, we decided enough is enough, let’s get together!  Our schedules aligned, and we did it!

Honestly, I don’t think next week would have even worked.  Sophia will be in Kindergarten starting Tuesday, and my day will be tightly scheduled with school runs, (8:40, 11:15, 3:25) leaving little time to run to the valley!

We went to Gardner Village, where Pine Needles is located.  A first for me!  The shop was great and Amy and I chatted as we shopped, and looked after the kids – of course.  We picked up talking right away, like old friends, about kids, blogging, quilting, finding balance, and just had a blast!

Amy SquaredWe had a quick lunch and continued walking around the cute shops, finding ducks, turtles, and huge koi in the stream.  Great fun for the kids!

My spoils for the day –

A beautiful magazine that I haven’t made my way through completely yet, and a few fat quarters.  I found the QuiltMania magazine at Pink Chalk Fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop if you are interested.  I need to keep looking through it, but so far the inspiration is amazing!  The fat quarters are Weekends, by Erin McMorris, and the red is farmdale blossom, by Alexander Henry.

Thanks so much for a fun outing Amy!  We had fun, and the kids both napped on the way home!