Hi friends!

I’ve shared some of the why, but thought it warranted anther post.

My passion and desire is to help others learn to quilt and create.  Just in the last few weeks a few of you quilting with me have mentioned that you no longer cringe when half-square-triangles are mentioned, or how proud you are of yourself and your beautiful blocks!  THAT is so exciting to me!!  Doesn’t it feel good to make something and be proud of what you did?  And then being able to post about it and have friends leave feedback too – fun times!

But why?  Having this/any creative outlet is so important for anyone!  Having the ability and time to do something that is for me alone (not the laundry, dishes, floors – that will all be UNDONE 5 minutes later) is very satisfying.  And now at this point in time, I cannot imagine not having that time for myself.  I was unfulfilled before.  “mom” is often a thankless job, and if that’s my only job – well, it’s hard to find fulfillment.  Would you agree?

And so – I really, truly, want to encourage anyone, everyone to find their own way to finding some fulfillment!  And it doesn’t have to be quilting – we are all different and unique, living by God’s grace each day.  Your family may not understand this need to sew, paint, garden, cook, or whatever else, but they will notice the happier, more confident you.

And so – with each tutorial and pattern that I write, I do my best to give clear, concise directions that will empower you to step up and take some time back for yourself.  Just  an hour here and there – it’s not like you need eight hours – just enough to press and cut some fabric, or zip through a pile of pieces that you pinned the night before.  I haven’t touched my sewing machine since I put it away on Sunday – it’s calling to me.  “Make something Amy!  You will never know if that bag works, unless you try!”  Getting started is always they hardest part for me, I just need to cut out what I have in mind.

I love my kids with ALL of my heart, and I am passionate about raising healthy, happy and loved children, who are respectful and loving in turn.  But they don’t need me every hour of the day!  Teaching them to entertain themselves is part of a well adjusted child – sometimes we even have to let go a little in order for that to happen.  They know that they are #1 in my book, no matter what else I am doing, I will come to their aid; an ouchie, snack, or to settle an argument – they always come first.  Owen still sits on my lap while checking email, writing a post, or “helping” me sew – he’s curious about what I’m doing and just wants to spend a little time snuggling.  I love it!

You’re turn – What are you passionate about?  Do you have anything that is just for you in your life?

I’d love to know!