Hi!  I’m excited to share a new quilt top with you.  I sewed blocks into the wee hours of the weekend, and yesterday started sewing the top up with my morning coffee.  I really wanted to see this quilt top come together!

Sewing with linen….it’s kinda squirrelly and needs lots of pins.  As the weave is larger than the cottons we typically use, it has a tendency to not hold it’s shape.

  I carefully pressed and blocked each piece as I added it to the block, to keep things as square as possible.  This quilt top is not perfect, cutting was a challenge as well since it was 60″ wide and my longest ruler is 24″.  But the fluidity that it adds, and the heft are really nice.  It is slightly heavier than my quilting cottons – but I like it a lot!

 I know that there are a few linens being marketed to quilters, but I’ve not had a chance to work with these yet.  I’d love to, and compare – eventually :)  I love how the colors pop in these pictures!

My quilt measures 60×72 inches and I have a pattern in the works!  I need a little help naming this quilt…how about, if I pick the name that you suggest, you win a copy of the pattern when it’s ready!?

Here’s my kiddos- they were enjoying an evening swim, their cool down after dinner :)  They keep me on my toes!

My crazy monsters!  Love them :)

I hope you like my quilt as much as I do!
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