Hi there!  Today our featured quilter is Wendy of Ivory Spring – I hope you enjoy getting to know Wendy a bit more —
1. When did you begin quilting?
I began quilting in October 2005 with no prior sewing experience orwhatsoever.  My quilting mentor and friend Barbara had been talking tome about giving quilting a try.  Right about that time, my husband hada new nephew – so, that was just the reason I needed to start my firstquilt. 
2. Why do you quilt?
I have always been fascinated by quilts, but never did venture intothe world of quilting because I didn’t know how to sew.  I loveBaltimore quilts, and want to actually reproduce one some day.  I quiltbecause I want to share in the experience of quilters in the past thathad produced the many treasured quilts.
3. What is your favorite quiltingtip?
Do not be intimidated by the difficulty level of a quilt pattern -if you like it, jump right into it.  You will learn a lot in theprocess and build your confidence level.  And the sense ofgratification is enormous when the project is completed.  For my firstquilt, I chose a pieced and applique pattern.  It was not exactly easy,but I felt really good after I complete the project.  
4. What was your inspiration foryour Quilt Festival quilt?
I was inspired by my love of spring, and the fabrics I was givenwith which to work.  Tulips were the perfect subject for spring! Iwanted it to be a sweet quilt – so, adding the ribbon bows made thevase of tulips look like they are meant to be gifted to someone to maketheir day special.
5. Do you sew other things?
Yes, I dabble in heirloom sewing for my 17 month old daughter.  Ilove to do hand smocking, and thus does a bit of heirloom garmentconstruction. 
6. Anything else you would like usto knowabout you?

I am originally from Southeast Asia.  I came to the States when Iwas 19 to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering.  I ended up with twodegrees in Chemical Engineering.  I worked for 7 years in a researchwind tunnel at the University of Arkansas.  I am now a work-at-homequilt designer and mom and wife.  My work has been featured in TheQuilter, Quilter’s World, UK’s Popular Patchwork, Quiltmaker,Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Quilting & Embroidery, Bernina’s Throughthe Needle, and Creative Machine Embroidery.  I am very excited aboutmy upcoming features in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting and EasyQuilts!  My passion is free-motion quilting on my home machine. Wholecloth is the keyword to melt my heart!

Wow!  Your quilts are beautiful – thanks for sharing Wendy!
Have a great weekend~
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