and the library books were due back :)  The kids all love books and being able to claim books as their own for three weeks is a treat!  After they finished finding what they wanted, I took a few minutes to look beyond the usual racks.  I did check out the quilting section still but looked a bit further as well :)

 Living the Creative Life
Love the colorful page layouts and ideas.

I figure there’s always more to learn!
A few pictures below :)
Snagged this at the one in the last moment before exclaiming “Time to go!”  (in my quietest frazzled voice)

 This one made me think of my friend Amy.

 See text below for what is written in the quilting.


Amazing pieces in this bed ensemble – all hand pieced around 1730-50

I have plans to further enjoy these books and quilts but just had to share with you!  Have you found anything good at the library lately?


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