I’m excited to be in the next round of Doll Quilt Swaps on Flickr!  This is a great swap and so much fun to participate in.  Last weekend I learned that I was included, and this next weekend we should be getting partner information.  This swap is secret, which makes it even more fun – you never know where your quilt is coming from, or which one in the pool will be yours!

With that in mind, I made a mosaic to narrow down some of my favorites, and include some older ones, for my partner :)

1. rectangles with attitude, 2. Randomwork embroidery, 3. Poppy, 4. Aunt Millie’s Block Two, 5. 1/6 of a zipper quilt, 6. Aunt Millie’s Garden – Block 6, 7. Bricolage &Butter Bee – March, 8. DQS#8 from Isabel., 9. Doll Quilt Rec’d by TagEButt, 10. “285”, 11. YIP 365.184:: Zen squares pillow, 12. Wedges!, 13. triptych, 14. Stained Glass Quilt, 15. Aunt Millie’s Block One

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

Some of these I like for the pattern, others the colors, prints and solids are welcome, easy to intricate!  Really, I’m very easy to please :)  So, dear partner, just have fun creating!

I can’t wait to start stalking my partner!!

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