As of noon today my girls are officially done with Kindergarten (Emmalie) and 4th Grade (Ella)!  I’m really excited to have them home for the summer :)

No rushing to get them out the door in the morning, and no need to constantly watch the clock for the pick up times.  I plan to consolidate our errands into a once daily trip out, from the usual three – the school is not far, but loading and unloading kiddos is a CHORE no matter how you slice it!

The weather has finally been cooperating, and I’m thinking about putting my winter coats away for a few months.  Afternoons in the back yard with the kiddie pool are here at last!

This all sounds good right?  There’s just a tiny bit of me that is sad.  Both girls had GREAT teachers, they loved being in the classroom and soaking up all the wonderful information fed to them each day.  Seriously, Emmalie and Ella were both a bit sad today, because they won’t be seeing their teachers everyday.  Emmalie asked if she could keep going, no break!

The other part that makes me sad is that they are growing up SO much, I just try not to get too far ahead of myself or I turn into a weepy mess.  (Ask Joe on that one)  I’m so blessed to be their mom, and so proud of them — I just had to share here with you!

That’s what is on my mind today, what about you?
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