Happy Friday!  Thanks to all of you that took the time to take the survey – I really appreciate it!  A couple of you asked “what is Blogger’s Quilt Festival?”  **gasp**  just kidding – I have a whole page of info about the up coming BQF – check it out!  If you have questions still, feel free to email me directly.  One thing you all should know is that this festival is for everyone!  The beginner, with a first quilt, or the veteran quilter working on who knows what number!  Don’t be shy :)
That said – today’s featured quilter is Allie, of Allie-oops sweet happy life!  Allie is super sweet and such an encouragement to me – someone you want to be friends with :)  I hope you enjoy getting to know more about her and her quilting journey—

1.  When did you start quilting?  
I started my first quilt 30 yearsago.  I had never made one, didn’t know anyone who quilted, just saw apicture in a magazine and decided to try it.  I made it all by hand,and made every mistake you can make on a quilt – I even used ink on myseam lines, so I would be sure to sew a straight line.  Needless tosay, the ink didn’t come out, and I ended up hand-stitching ribbon downall the seams.  It’s still one of my favorite quilts.  I’ll neverforget the magical moment when it came out of the dryer, and I pulledit over me…..bliss.  A quilter was born.

2.  Why do you quilt?
Idon’t know.  It’s a madness.  Don’t cure me, ever.  I love to makequilts for others, especially friends that are going through toughtimes, especially if they live far away – it’s like sending a hug.

3.  What is your favorite quilting tip?
Notreally a tip, more of an attitude – don’t let anyone tell you that youcan’t.  If you want to try a technique, do it.  You don’t have to waitfor a class, or get it just right, half the fun is in the trying.  Andmistakes often lead to great designs!

4.  What was your inspiration for your Quilt Festival quilt?
Twothings – I needed a quilt for a wedding, and I had some really fabulousmachine embroidery designs that I was dying to try.  Purple was thebride’s favorite color, definitely not one of mine – but I love the wayit turned out, purple or not.

5.  Do you sew other things?
Notif I can help it.  I have a love/hate relationship with purses – I lovecarrying a unique purse, but am not fond of the process.  I’mgenetically incapable of making garments.  The only thing I’ll try ispajamas, because nobody will see them but me.

6.  Anything else you would like us to knowabout you?
Yes- I am eternally grateful for all the bloggers out there who haveinspired, challenged and befriended me.  I’ll never forget reading myfirst blog – Posie Gets Cosy by Alicia Paulson – I was hooked.  A wholenew world of people who thought like I did – I was amazed anddelighted.  I only started my own blog so I could leave comments onother blogs, to say thank you for tutorials and such fabulouspictures.  My blog has become so much more than I thought it would, andI’m thrilled to get to know so many wonderful people!

Thank you for so much for sharing Allie!

Have a great weekend everyone :)
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