Checking this project off my list feels SO good!  

 Our lamp is still trying to find the right home, since rearranging everything.  We did have a table lamp, but, one little boy accidentally trashed the shade….


Fabrics are Amy Butler, the home decor fabrics have such a nice feel to them.  Slightly more $$ but worth it for a quality covering in my book!  That is partly why I did the roman shade, 2 yards per window vs. 6 – 8 yds for a full length curtain.

one down
I lined these with black out lining.  Fabrics fade really fast here in windows, and I didn’t want to take a chance at my gorgeous fabric fading.  Plus, having the living room dark will be nice for movies, and the hot summer months to come. 
two down :)

 The windows are on the small side, so I decided to mount them over the window and made them a few inches wider and longer, to give them more of a presence.  I really, REALLY like them lots!

cord lock, eye bolts, button holes

I purchased my cord lock, and rings on etsy.  Yesterday I was convinced that the cord lock didn’t work – thankfully Joe had a look at it, and I had goofed it up.  Today they are gliding up and down, locking as I want them too – yay!

rings for cording

I used a zig-zag stitch, with the smallest stitch length, I ended up dropping the feed dogs too, in order to sew the rings on without too many holes in the fabrics.  There is also a dowel in the hem to keep things flat as it lifts.  

My rings are spaced 9″ apart and start 6″ from the bottom, then every 12″ up from there.  All in all they went together really easily, getting them hung with Joe’s help alleviated a lot of my frustrations.  I know some of you may have more questions, and I will do my best to answer them in the comments.

I hope you have a great weekend~
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