Hi there!  The featured quilter today is Isa!  I hope you enjoy getting to know her more —

1. When did you begin quilting?
Istarted quilting in the summer of 2008, while being pregnant with myyoungest daughter Marie, I wanted to make her a baby blanket underwhich she could be kept warm and safe. In my last trimester I had ahard time sleeping, and so I spend my nights sewing and surfing theinternet learning about patchwork, quilting and such. And that firstquilt really got me hooked (some may say obsessed…)

2. Why do you quilt?

I quilt because I simply can’t stop… And because I really enjoy the process in which small pieces of fabric create a new whole.
It’s also a great stress relief for me, and I would probably be a much grumpier person if I didn’t quilt.

3. What is your favourite quilting tip?

Myfavourite quilting tip or advice is the importance of accurate seamallowance, and to not save money on a seam ripper… but get the bestthere is.

4. What was your inspiration behind your Quilt Festival quilt?

Myentry to the quilt festival was a quilt I made as part ofCrazymomquilt’s one a day minepatch quilt along. (…and breath…) Ireally like the ninepatch block because it’s so simple and yet soversatile. I wanted to make a scrap quilt using scraps from otherquilts I’ve made, so that the quilt in this way would be a walk downmemory lane. The rainbow or colorway layout is an absolute favourite ofmine, and it seemed like a good and easy way to arrange the scrappyblocks.
5. Do you sew other things?
YesI sew other things as well, both personally and professionally. I’m inthe midst of taking a bachelor degree in textile education andhandicraft… A sort of handicraft teacher for adults. So I sew a lot inschool, primarily clothes and garments.  In my spare time I also enjoy sewing softies, bags and home décor in general.

6. Anything else you would like us to know about you?

Hmm.. What’s there more to tell?
I’mbeginning to be more interested in designing fabric, we have had acouple of courses in screen printed fabric, and I really love doing it.My eyes also been opened to the world of digital textile print, and Ihope to become better at using illustrator and photoshop during thisyear.
Thank you for listening to me talk about myself J
And thank you Amy for being such an inspiration and for having such a lovely blog.

Thanks so much for sharing Isa!  I’m envious and curious to know more about your degree – sounds amazing!
Have a great weekend everyone :)
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