I’m feeling a bit scattered!  I have lots of things that NEED to get done and a few that I really want to get done – isn’t that how it usually goes?  I had a couple of hours to myself Friday evening and decided to cut into some fabric for this bag –

The fabrics are Amy Butler Love, and I love it!  Sadly my machine has been overused in the last 6 months, and needs a tune-up. I have no problem piecing, but multiple layers of fabric and interfacing – not happening.  So that’s going back on the bottom of the list, until I can part with my machine long enough to have it serviced.  Just imagine no pins holding the lining in place and that polka dot strap attached on the sides :)


This is the big news in the house!

Owen is growing up!  No more diapers here – YAY!  We’ve had two dry days, with no accidents – even dry naps!  He’s enjoying his M&M’s in this shot – I love new diaper-free bums in underwear :)  Now to stalk up on boys undies!

The winner of last week’s giveaway from Reannalily Designs —

Congratulations to Renee of Treasures of Joy!  She won, 3 patterns and Seamingly Accurate from Jen – thank you Jen!

This week is Spring Break, and spring is finally here – yay! First crocus’ are blooming in my backyard, and tulips are up getting ready to bloom too.  My parents will be here for a visit on Wednesday, so a little purging and cleaning is needed.  My girls are motivated to help since they know who is coming – shouldn’t be too bad :)  I also have one more quilt to piece, and I’m thinking about/planning for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, coming next month!  Big exhale – one day at a time :)

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