I think it is better than new!  The fabric used on most ironing boards is so cheap – flimsy, rough, and blah.  I’ve had my current ironing board for about a year, and I was happy for the first week, then the first hole appeared in the side!  I put the recovering effort on the to do list, and there it sat, until now :)  My delay has been part, lack of fabric/time, part calculating a plan.

What do you think!?  I’m pleased as punch!

Anticipating questions, I took a few pictures.  My desire with this cover is to remove it and wash it as needed.  I like to use a lot of starch, and tend to overdo it, so the original cover is sticky and stained.  (You may have noticed it in this tutorial) So I decided to make it reversible.  I also wanted it to be cushy so that I can easily sink my seams into the board as I press, so I used two layers of warm and natural.  I have to say it’s working great so far!

Here’s what you need:
– Length of fabric – 6″ longer than your ironing board
– 1 or 2 pieces of batting, also 6″ longer than board
– binding material to go all the way around
– 1/2″ elastic, I used about 3 1/2 yards

Cut down the bold crease of your length of fabric.  Lay one face down on the floor, then add batting and second layer of fabric.

Add your ironing board, measure 3″ all the way around.  Use a bowl to create curves, if needed.  Trim to size.

Prepare you casing fabric, fold and iron wrong sides together, like a binding.  Open, then iron 1/4″ crease in one side.
To add casing to the cover, open the casing, sew raw edges matching all the way around.  Then turn over and sew the folded side along seam sewn previously.

Insert elastic, errr, wrestle the elastic through the casing, and pull tight!  Secure the elastic with a zig-zag stitch and enjoy!

The fabric used here is Blush – you can find some at Piece n Quilt or Fat Quarter Shop.

Did I leave something out?  Have questions?  I’ll answer them in the comments for everyone.

I hope you are having a great Monday!
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