Hi there!  I’ve been so glad to hear from so many of you, making the move with me easily here :)  I love to know that this space is part of your morning/daily routines, and thanks for the profile pic love!  I had my hair cut and colored by a professional.  A nice treat and I had to document it!

Last week I went to a guild meeting to share my quilts – I had fun talking with fellow quilters, and meeting a blog friend!  Emily invited me to share a while back, thankfully it worked out after my deadline, unfortunately Joe was called for Jury Duty the very same day!  Not wanting to bail on Emily, I packed up the kids and made the drive – I’m so glad I did too!

Emily put together this sweet basket of goodies :)  you should know that all the chocolate is now gone, and one cake mix was put to good use as cupcakes the next day!  But I can’t bear to open those fat quarter rosettes – too cute!

Sweet cupcake pincushion – will serve as a reminder of the fun afternoon among quilters :)  Thank you for having me Emily!!

I wanted to tell you about a slew of giveaways going on!

Kelly at I Have a Notion is celebrating one year of business with a month of giveaways – be sure to add her to your reader and check in daily to see what she’s giving away!  I put my name in the hat a few times already :)


One more thing – a few month back Joe found himself a pair of nice cowboy boots.  I laughed at first, 7 years in a small town and he finally caves, but then he kept telling me how comfortable they are!  I looked online to see what sort of offerings for ladies – just in case. . . over the weekend we were in Salt Lake, and happened on a sale.  I just wanted to try a few pair, but now these are mine!

They fit like a glove!  And don’t read too cowboy :)  They have applique, distressed leather, and a nice pointy toe – what do you think?  Are you laughing at me?  Honestly, it’s okay if you are :)

Hope you are having a great day!
Blessings ~
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