Hi Friends!  I hope you are having a good weekend, with or without your sewing machine :)  I’ve been making a few changes to my blog, and actually got out of the house by myself today!  Yes, that is an accomplishment around here.

I’ve caught up on my reader a little bit this week, one item that was brought to my attention is V’s block collection effort.  She needs as many of these sweet house blocks as possible by April 30th, and she’s worked out a giveaway for participants too.  (I know how much you love fabric!)

The blocks will be made into quilts, for a non-profit organization in New York – the need is real and our help is a tangible way to reach out.  V has instructions for the blocks – just round up some scraps and make up one, or two, or ten!  Thanks in advance :)

I got a call on Thursday – April 30th is my extended deadline for two more quilts.  We are packing 14 patterns in!  I’m honestly excited and exhausted with this turn of events.  And so the book saga continues, at a slightly slower pace  :)

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway here!  I’ve had so much fun reading everyone’s childhood favorites – the variety is amazing.  Good luck to all of you, I will shut it down Sunday evening and announce a winner Monday morning!

And, I bought my first domain today!  I’m having to switch away from parkcitygirl, as it was registered to the city of Park City, but I’m happy with my solution.  Any guesses as to the name?  I think there’s big  hint. . .

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