As I write, it is 12:30, I should be in bed!  But I’m getting details together.  I likened writing a book to planning a wedding, to Natalia the other day.  So many little details that will never be perfect, but the day comes and you go through with the plans.  I’m so thankful for editors who know what they are doing!

I have 12 finished quilts, bound and washed.  I love each and every one!  Picking a favorite will be impossible – sadly you all will have to wait quite a while to see them – sorry.  I’ve actually pieced 15 tops in the last two months – there were a couple of fabric choices that I made, and did not love.  And so, I started over!  I figure I must LOVE it for it to make the cut :)  In that way the book is a living thing too.  It’s constantly changing – hopefully for the good!

I have been double checking all my math this evening, and figured out the binding details —

I’ve tacked down 90 yards of binding – in a months time.  two thirds of it was done in the last week!  I have a rhythm :)  And I love hand quilting thread for bindings, like gutterman or yli – good stuff that I paid $4 a spool for.  It glides through the fabric and doesn’t knot up as much as regular thread.  I just use 2, well maybe 3 neutral spools – and they will last forever!

I have 6 – 7 items on my to do list for my Thursday – but I’m excited!  It’s coming together!!  All those little details that I hope, make it a great book!

Have a great day!  I’m (hopefully) crossing things off my list, after I get some sleep.
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