Lots and lots of inches/feet/yards of bindings!  I like to roll my binding on a ruler like Natalia, and then I’ve learned I can wear it like a bracelet while attaching it to my quilt top.  This keeps it from getting twisted, or tangled.

Here’s a tip for you —

I sew my strips together this way.  I’ve tried cutting them on the 45 degree angle, but usually mess it up!  So my easy solution is to sew, then clip away the seam allowance.  Most of the time I don’t mark it, just eyeball it and move on to the next bit :)

I’m sure there’s a few of you shaking your finger at me – I’m okay with that – this is what works for me.  :)
In other news, my Emmalie is sick with pneumonia :(  She’s had a couple of colds in the last month, and the coughs that accompany them, and developed that nasty infection deep in her lungs.  Sadly, she had it about three years ago too.  Most of my Wednesday was spent arranging doctors appointments, a quick trip to the hospital for a chest x-ray, and pharmacy for meds – all the while her main concern was that she not get a shot!      Poor thing.  I’m praying that we see her energy pick back up in the next 24 hours, and that the medication clears her up, so she can get back to school!  She hates to miss any school.  Though I’m pretty sure Kindergarten may be the culprit of the colds!

I hope you are having a good day – I’m probably on the couch with Em and a needle and thread, stitching a binding in place. OR trying to keep up with everyone’s comments for the giveaway :)

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