It has been snowing a lot this week, and the wet heavy kind.  Usually we get the powder fine snow that is easy to shovel, but hard to build a snowman with! With 6 inches in the driveway I headed out with the girls after lunch, while Owen napped, to get the shoveling out of the way.  I probably ought to have returned indoors right away, but I decided to help build a sledding ramp with the girls!
 Ella built her snowman, while I built the sled hill with Emmalie and Sophia.
Aren’t they cute!?

The girls gravitate to the piles of shoveled snow, to go down on with the sleds – which is fine and lots of fun, until it ends up where it has been nicely shoveled from.  I don’t care too much if it’s just our space, but more often than not it’s a neighbors property and I end up shoveling in again!  Don’t want to upset the neighbors :)

Five minutes after I came in, there was a pounding on the door – Sophia can’t open it with her mittens on!  “Ella wants to show you something!”
“Just come see!”

She’s sitting on top of her snowman!

Love these girls!
Now I’m off to sew and bake cookies before Owen wakes up!  Then I might have to take him out to try the sled hill out – he LOVES sledding :)  Hopefully it lasts the rest of winter!


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