Thank you for the birthday wishes for Emmalie!  She had a great day being the center of attention and extra treats too :)  I’m behind (again) (as usual) in responding to comments, but I’m so glad that you are excited about quilters from the Quilt Festival being featured regularly!  I’m looking forward to it!  I’m thinking our first installment will start within a couple of weeks.  

Back to Emmalie –

 She was blessed with new clothes.

A huge box of crayons – every Kindergartners dream!

And quite a few Littlest Pet Shop figures, including this plush one.  (We now have 3 girls collecting the little creatures!) 

She requested the butterfly cake again, with everything going on in our home I asked her to pick two colors, knowing that I didn’t have a lot of time to decorate it!  (Go take a look at last year’s cake.

She got them all on the first go!  She is a blessed little girl with all the love and presents she received today.  Joe and I are blessed by her sweet and gentle spirit.  We love you Emmalie!
Here’s the rest of what I’ve been up to – painting the living room!  My Christmas present from Joe was the paint, and his ability, for the living room.  He’s been working non-stop, so I thought it might take months to actually happen.  Much to my surprise, he showed up Tuesday afternoon early, and suggested that we begin painting!  I ran to Home Depot and Wal-Mart (BD shopping) and came back with all the necessities.   He got us started, but I spent most of Wednesday doing my best to paint two large walls.

We are covering the gold with a tealy blue called Jamaican Sea, and the ceiling is back to white.  It feels so fresh and bright – I’m loving it!!  Now what to do with those curtains. . . ???  I’ll post more make-over pictures when my computer isn’t pushed up against the stairs!

Next steps:
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