Hi there!  I’ve been mulling this idea over, and I’m finally just going to do it.  No time like the present!   There are 683 quilters listed from the fall festival  and I would like you to nominate your favorite quilt, most touching story, or your best friend!  (anything goes!)  Go look through the links again and let me know who you would love to hear more from!

Here’s what I need —

Email me – amy1399@gmail.com
In the subject write – Feature Nomination
And tell me their entry number, why you would like to have them featured on my blog, and any specific questions you have for them.

I will make my way through the emails, and get all the details sorted out!  I hope that this sounds like fun, and encourages even more to participate in the festival this spring. 

Today is my Emmalie’s 6th Birthday – we are baking and wrapping for the family party planned later this evening!


ETA — I hope to make this a weekly feature here, so there’s no deadline for nominations – in fact the more the better!

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