Just in case Owen isn’t the only one with the desire to put a train in his sisters’ hair!  This is what happens – and it hurts!  
The back story —  I was vacuuming up after the Christmas tree removal and had shooed Sophia and Owen into the kitchen while I did so.  Owen loves his new “choo-choo” and was protecting it from the big, noisy vacuum!  They each had one running against their cheek, both curious about the rub they were getting – when Owen had a great idea!  Put it in her hair!!  She must not have been paying enough attention, and as he is refusing to talk much more than “choo-choo” opted to whack her in the back of the noggin.  Thankfully, I heard Sophia’s screams over the noisy vacuum, and came to her rescue! 
After turning off the engine, I realized the best option was to cut it out, and get the pain over with!  It’s in the back and haven’t noticed the lack of hair yet – though a ponytail may be a challenge right now.
At the moment it was a little unnerving but now I’m laughing – what else are you going to do!?  What have you cut out of hair??

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