I ended up taking more of a break than I had planned!  I have been soaking up the memories with our kids, and loving every moment.  I will admit that bedtime is still my favorite time of day for the kids – I’m wiped by the time they snuggle into bed!
Christmas morning is a favorite time too!  Watching the wonder in their eyes as they open gifts, thoughtfully purchased (not made, this year) for them specifically.
Owen was immediately in love with this Spiral Speedway, he was happy to play with it while his sisters continued opening gifts!  Sadly, I didn’t take many more pictures as each one needed help with this or that, and my hands (and Joe’s) were busy.
We’ve been having fun playing Connect 4 and putting together puzzles (Fairy Tale Castle 48pc).  I’ve snuck in a little sewing while the girls have a tea party too, (Tea Set) they are so fun to listen to!  Milk and Egg Nog have been the teas of choice so far!
Saturday we went sledding!  There’s a golf course in Park City, (Mountain Dell) which is closed for the season, but it’s a popular sledding hill.  We went with the masses and had a blast,for about an hour, little people get cold fast!  Lots of fun with a sled!  Owen was sad as we pulled away from the hill, he wasn’t at all ready to be done.  I was glad though, my lungs ache when I’m out in the cold too much.
This coming week we get to look forward to the new year, goals and dreams.  I’ve been thinking up a few things, that I really want to incorporate in the new year – I hope you will join me!

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