So you have been leaving comments all over blogland, waiting to be in a conversation, waiting for new friends to be made – yet for some reason the email never comes. If you ask a question it is answered in the comment thread but not directly to you – why?

For blogger blogs and profiles it is how you set up your profile, that makes a big difference. Let me show you!

Go to your dashboard, click edit profile.  From here you may elect to ‘show my email address’ – if that box is not checked, there is no way to contact you.  Those are the comments that show up with ‘noreply-comment’ in my inbox :(  and no chance of conversation.  I must say it is equaling frustrating on this end to have no way to respond to your question, or get in touch with you, say if you win a giveaway!

On the same page there you can hide blogs from your profile, like if you’ve started 5 different blogs but really only use 1 it may be a good idea to hide them to drive traffic to your blog without confusing readers.

Go back to your dashboard and click settings.  A few must do’s in my opinion–
Basic tab – there’s a new post editor!  You have to tell blogger that you want to use it, I think you will want to – it feels more like a word doc, with more options.
Comments tab – scroll to the bottom to add your email address for comments to be sent to you as people leave comments on your blog.  Also here is where you turn on and off the word verification, I’ve had some spammers recently, so it’s on for now.  I also added comment moderation to posts more than 2 weeks old – hopefully that will help!

I hope that this is good info for some of you, and that it’s put to good use!  Consider it my blogger public service announcement!  :)

PS – if you are looking to update your ‘look’ I posted some tips here.  

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