Sophia, Owen, Emmalie, and Gabriella

Of course my snow bunnies are big part of my highlight! And of course the reason for my constant running to and fro. The day started with a student council meeting for Ella, a half-hour before school starts, then a coffee for me. We stayed in the car and dropped Emmalie off back at the school. Sophia, Owen and I stopped in at home, to check email and grab a snack – you know they are never full – then went back to school for Kindergarten centers. One hour well spent with attention loving Kindergartners :) My little ones play for an hour in the classroom, it works!

That’s Sophia walking back to get another sled. Our street is piled high with snow!

Since we had just 40 minutes until Emmalie was done for the day, we went to the grocery store. I needed to restock the dairy department of my fridge! It was a little too early to wait for Em, so we ran home again, kids stayed in the car, while I put away groceries and shoveled the driveway real quick. It was just at freezing yesterday, and I managed to clear our north facing driveway! (Never again, north facing driveway!) Back to get Emmalie and home – I changed in to my sweats, made lunch, everyone ate and was happy, then Owen went down for a nap.

Ella was trying to help Owen go down on the sled with her – he went on his belly.

Em and Sophia played nice together while I cleaned the kitchen floor (our socks were getting dirty from it – eww!) Sadly playing nice together, wasn’t quiet – Owen came down within an hour of going up for a nap, but it was almost time to get Ella so – Oh well for naptime :(

Again and again! The sled hill was made by the snowplows.

Off we went to get Ella, and stop at the post office – thankfully the line was not too long. I was in and out in 5 minutes! We got home, and everyone was excited to play outside. I recently outfitted Owen in some small boots for his sister and the purple snowsuit that she out grew too – he was so happy to play with his sisters!

So really the highlights are the pictures of my kids playing outside, the picture of me would have been – tired mama, with camera and tea in hand. But they are always a little more relaxed inside when they have a chance to run around outside!

Later Owen and Sophia were jumping on the bed (they know not too) and Owen got a big bloody nose – it all went downhill for him until he fell asleep on daddy while watching football.
Blessings ~

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