We have had a week of frigid temperatures, I’m not complaining really, but I have to stay warm! So here’s a fun post for you —

1 – Wear your warmest down jacket, over your second warmest down jacket, with a scarf from mom too.When we first moved here from Southern California, I needed the biggest warmest jacket I could find – I was never warm! Now I mostly wear the lighter of the two, this week I’ve doubled up when taking the girls to school at -10F.

2 – Good boots.Those ugg boots don’t work for me here – I need traction so I don’t land on my bum outside! These are a pair of North Face boots I got on Steepandcheap a couple years ago. They zip up the back, making them a quick and easy boot!

3 – Our wood stove is the best! Today out of desperation I split kindling and built my first fire of the season.
Joe usually enjoys building the fire, but had to get out the door too quickly this morning.

4 – Lots of snuggle time under lots of quilts!

Most of my quilts I fill with cotton batt (warm & natural) but I have one with primaloft – and it is my favorite this time of year! Always toasty warm.

That’s my list! What do you do to keep warm!?

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