I must say – your response to yesterday’s post has been amazing! Thank you for all your answers and questions, and being so encouraging. I will take my turn after I show you this —

I finished this one off in a mini quilt – it measures 8″ square. I love it! I decided my larger colorwheel needs to be put in a frame, I want to protect it from dust and kids! But this one will hang out :)

I couldn’t stop doing the embroidery on Sunday when I took the pictures for the stitching tute! Football was on, my self inflicted “homework” had been completed the day before and I just sat, and stitched. It really is that sort of easy project, and seeing the colors come together as I went around is a bit addicting. Especially since it is so small :)

There’s a list of everyone making a color wheel on my sidebar if you would like to see how others are approaching this project.

My own answers —

The last book I read, well I have a post about it next week . . . hold that thought! I think I will make a huge list of all the books suggested and compare notes. Do you all know paperbackswap? It’s free, and a great recycle project for the books that take up too much room in your house. I suggest searching by ISBN if there’s a specific book that you are looking for :)

I usually do 10-14 loads of laundry each week – I am thankful for the large front load machine that we upgraded to when I was expecting Owen. We don’t keep tons and tons of clothing on hand for each child, and usually need to wash their clothing mid-week again. It works!

Shopping on Etsy is fun and pretty simple, but I don’t do enough of it! I usually look at something and think “I could make it though” and “I don’t really have $xxx to spend” so I continue on. I do like to shop fabric prices on there occasionally, and love (like many of you) the beautiful jewelry offered.

Seriously – Thank you – for all of your input yesterday. Be looking for a day in my life on Monday, and have a great weekend!

Blessings ~

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