–This week seems to be flying by! Today is the end of the first quarter for my girls in school, and so tomorrow is a day off for us – love it. I’ve got lots to do and I’m hoping it’s nice and warm so they can play outside all afternoon! I actually got my shorts back out to go walking yesterday – crazy warm (70F) for this time of year.

–The dishwasher is getting two new parts. Did you know that you can turn it upside down, find the problem and replace the parts? A little help from google and the GE site, and we should be back in business this evening! Just so we are clear – Joe did the hard part, I did the google part :)

–Thanks to everyone who has shared recipes! There’s some good ideas in there – and there’s still time if you want to link up. I think I will leave it open over the weekend.

–I’m hoping to get a little embroidery lesson up soon – it’s been pushed to the back burner this week, but it’s still on my mind! And it won’t take much to get going :) My color wheel was featured on Hand Embroidery Network last week! Thanks again!!

–I took the girls to “Arts Night” at the school last night – Sophia was so happy to be included with the big girls. I will have to post some pictures – they have the best art program in the schools here and my girls love it!

–A friend just purchased this fabric for making stockings! Won’t those be adorable? I love all the Christmas fabrics out there – so many options.

That’s all for the moment!

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