So, I have taken on a big project — A big project with deadlines and secrecy. I can’t tell you about it yet, but the moment I can, you will be the first to know!

But the project (which I sought out) has got me thinking a little crazy. Like I must deep clean the entire house – this week! or that my desk and book case must be purged! I can attest to the fact that my house is much cleaner, but sadly I know it won’t last. Within 5 minutes of walking into the living room my kids have disassembled the blankets/quilts and pillows on the couches. They love to make a pile to jump in – much like a pile of leaves outside.

There are many days where I just don’t care what shape the house is in, or I spend a half hour at 5 picking up and sweeping the kitchen real quick. My kids and Joe don’t care either way, but I find I am able to really relax only when there is a semblance of organization in my home. Just call me anal Amy – I’m okay with it! Of course the kids are great helpers when asked to pick up after themselves, but I have to instigate it.

Anyway, with this project I don’t plan to take a break, I hope to continue to use this outlet to keep me sane. I will have to change my focus a little but it’s just a couple of months! And the next Quilt Festival will be just as important to me!

I’m so thankful for all you, unknowingly pushing me to think bigger, and beyond myself. Through this blog, I’ve found community and acceptance unlike any other. Thank you.

Random thought — all my creative juices are NOT flowing in the kitchen. Would you all be interested in swapping family dinner recipes? I could put up a linky and we could explore together. I really need some help!

I hope that you are blessed and encouraged today.
Hugs ~
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