I spent Wednesday – sewing! I didn’t do any dishes, laundry or vacuuming until after 4:30pm! Yeah, the place was a disaster between the kids and all my threads, but I was smiling. As has happened often, I had an idea for a bag that was keeping me awake, needing to be made. So I got busy!My little Sassy Tote. It measures 9″ wide and tall, and 3″ deep. With 2 interior and 1 exterior pocket.
It holds all that I need it too, but hopefully I won’t loose stuff in it. Can you tell that’s been a problem lately!?
Pretty prints on the back — I love the Amy Butler Love prints!
I think my favorite feature is the outside pocket – I’m limiting my keys and phone to this pocket, so I can always find them.
And I have put together a pdf pattern for this bag! This weekend I am offering it for $3 right here via this paypal button at the top of my blog. (Go up to the top and click the “buy now” button.)

After the weekend it will go to $5 – so get it while it’s hot! I will email the pdf as quick as I can, and you can make a new bag this weekend.

Sew & Tell is happening over at Amy’s – go toot your horn and let us know what you got done this week!

I’m also thinking about Christmas, stockings and Advent calendar – anyone interested in a pattern for those?

I hope you have a great weekend, I think mine will be busy!
Blessings ~
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