One thing about blogging is how small the world really becomes through my computer. I’m pretty sure you all have felt the same in the last few days with our Quilt Festival! Without this online community I would not have had the chance to meet Lisa —I was recently given an opportunity to select a necklace from Lisa Leonard, customized and everything! I spent the better part of one day looking over all the designs, and considering my options. Honestly, I could have chosen a number of options but found myself drawn to the simplicity of this open circle. And while I did consider putting my kids’ names on it, I decided to make it more about my creativity and what I do here.

Inspire. Dream. Create.

The moment the box arrived I was giddy with excitement! I immediately put it on and have worn it since, barely taking it off to sleep. My first concern in wearing any necklace – will it be okay when it gets tugged on? I have 4 kids it’s bound to happen. Shortly after putting it on for the first time – Owen woke up from his nap. He noticed it as I picked him up from his crib, I talked about it while he was checking it out, in his hands. The chain is sturdy – I am not at all concerned wearing it! I love it completely!

I should also mention that Lisa blogs too. She is a mom to two little boys and is loving every moment – even the tough ones. And, if you sign up for her newsletter you get 15% off your purchase!

Happy Browsing~
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